"Alfa-Therm" products are being used by leading industrial houses and several government organisation in India besides our overseas installation in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, British Virgin Island, Brunei, Congo, Fiji, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mauritania, Namibia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Srilanka, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.

Alfa Therm

solid waste management machine

The Solid Waste Shredder perfectly lessens the volume of waste material and gives the ideal finished result size for reusing, reusing, and landfilling. The shredder machines can impeccably deal with waste material of different sorts, including wood, paint, unsafe waste, tire, elastic, paper, plastic, farming waste and others. The single, twofold, and quad shaft machines offer a huge cutoff at the expense of waste administration and make the climate clean. The unrefined substance we use is secured by dependable merchants in the business. What's more, we are offering these items to the clients at market-driving costs. We have built an innovative framework unit that is exceptional with the most recent advances and instruments. These machines are updated consistently to have a longer functional life. Further, we have separated the unit into different offices for simple and efficient continuous business exercises. These offices incorporate assembling, quality testing, R and D, coordinated operations, and numerous different offices.


Keeping up with the greatest amount of value is one of the preeminent goals of our association. Remembering this, our experts work nonstop to give our significant clients great combinations. We have applied all our quality administration practices in our cycle to meet the changing necessities of our clients. Our Solid Waste Shredder Machine range is investigated right from the phase of obtainment of raw items till the last dispatch of the transfer at the clients' end. Likewise, our whole group is coordinated towards keeping up with excellent principles in our whole reach because of which fabricated utilizing premium quality natural substances give clients an elevated degree of satisfaction. We ensure that our total range is produced according to the preferences and inclinations of our clients. What's more, our customization office empowers us to offer our clients an item range based on sizes and aspects determined by them. Because of our completely clear exchanges and fair strategic policies, we have made an enormous client base all over the country.

Being a quality-cognizant substance, our singular point is to give hands down the best quality items to our clients. We have accomplished a notable situation in the business attributable to our definitively created products.o accomplish extreme greatness in the referenced item range, we are utilizing quality unrefined substance in our improvement strategy. Aside from utilizing quality material, we have utilized progressed creation methods, to come up range with working perfection, gigantic strength, and others. We additionally guarantee that all our item range is in severe conformity to the rules as well as measures for quality suggested by the business. Because of certain properties like elasticity, erosion safe, accuracy designing, and others, our items have turned into the principal decision of most clients.

 Solid Waste Segregation Equipment

Our Solid Waste Segregation Machine organization has accomplished marvelous progress in the business as well as procured a huge fulfilled base of clients via conveying every one of its tasks under the scholarly core values of our group. The group's sound business knowledge, rich experience, foresightedness, and fantastic promoting abilities have helped us in turning into the premier decision of huge clients.

Solid Waste Management Machine

We, Solid Waste Management Machine manufacturer being a client-centered association, are engaged to gigantically fulfill our clients. For this, we are putting forth all potential attempts like we have laid out a sound infrastructural set-up, where all business tasks are completed in a smoothed-out way. It incorporates a few units like planning, creation, managerial, deals and showcasing, innovative work, warehousing and bundling, coordinated operations, and various others.

A focused and experienced group of experts are working with us, who have assisted us with ascending with the ideal reach in the business. They endeavor hard and complete every activity warmly, to satisfy the mass as well as careful clients' requests inside the guaranteed time.


Alfa Therm is the leading Best Solid Waste Management Machine & a Solid Waste Shredder manufacturer in India. Our incinerators have the option of wet or dry air, pollution control in the form of cyclone separators, fabric filters, ceramic filters, low-pressure wet scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators.

Alfa-Therm Bio-mining/Bio-remediation plants are used for processing the Legacy waste in dumpsites. The plant separates the waste into RDF, C&D waste, Inerts, and good earth. Indore, Gurugram, Rudrapur, Chindwara, Delhi Bhalswa, Delhi Ghazipur, and Delhi Okhla landfill sites have been using our plants to clear the legacy waste.

A Trommel screen is a rotating screen that is used to separate materials on the basis of size. It is mainly used in the solid waste processing industries and mineral processing. The oversize material is separated from the undersized material.

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is the waste generated by the public. Without significant recycling activity, it predominantly includes food waste, market waste, yard waste, plastic, product packing materials, and other miscellaneous solid waste from residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sources. Municipal waste needs to be efficiently handled to avoid serious health, hazards to the public and also generate revenue out of waste. Composting is nature's way of recycling. A controlled process hastens this natural decomposition of organics. The final product is compost which has an earthy aroma. Composting significantly reduces the quantity of waste being diverted into landfills

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